How To Build A Micro-SaaS side-hustle That Actually Makes Money

A super-dense 40-page book about what you—a Programmer, Hacker or Tinkerer—should pay attention to while building a Micro-SaaS Product on your own!

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"Rename it to 'The Side Hustle Bible'"

Quinston's play-by-play gives a clear insight into the mindset you need to have when you go from building a side hustle to launching it and eventually selling/raising funds for it. Rename it to 'The Side Hustle Bible'.

Rajan S


"This book is a gem!"

Everything in the book is explained very well. Thank you for providing such great insights! :)

Saampatii V


"It will give you an important perspective for each part of the process."

This book gave me the confidence and the insights I was lacking to start my side hustle. Everyone who likes a challenge should read this.

Vjola V


"A great learning resource for anyone interested in building their own side hustle."

The explanation was concise, lucid, and offered a very practical perspective. There are thousands of books in the market that will teach you how to code, but not so many that tell you how to turn that knowledge into an actual selling product.

Ali Z


"It really hooked me."

First of all, this was my first ever book that I read completely! The most amazing thing about it was the number of pages it had. It really hooked me. Also, it created an interest in me to read more, thanks to you! Got to know the monetization of the software really well.

Abhishek L


"You get exactly what's promised in the title."

This book is a very clear and concise arrangement of ideas extremely relevant for anyone who has an idea for a product or the technical skills to build one! You get exactly what's promised in the title. The no-bullshit tone of the book, not only shows you the reality of developing a product but also shows you the actual space for opportunity and improvement. Great read!

Vikrant J

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